Industry-hired experts misleading the world

Find out how influential experts legally accept personal payments from the drug manufacturers to mislead the public and other doctors. Learn to differentiate real expert knowledge and legitimate studies from industry funded promotions.

What recent studies have found

How long do people appear to "thrive" on "smart drugs?" What happens to them in the long-term?

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Industry-paid Medical experts misleading the world

Find out how physicians and laymen are educated by influential experts legally allowed to accept personal payments from the drug makers. Learn to differentiate real expert knowledge and legitimate studies from industry funded promotions.

What recent studies have found

How long do people appear to "thrive" on "smart drugs?" What happens tothem in the long-term?

the road to success or depression and demotivation?

Cognitive Enhancers or Cognitive Weakeners in the Long-Run?

The long-term use of ADHD medications can cause diminished cognition and learning ability, impairments in working memory, multitasking ability, attentional flexibility, as well as brain shrinkage.

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Is Chronic Stress Harmless?

ADHD medications produce hyper-alertness by flooding the brain circuits with a stress hormone. This can have drastic detrimental long-term effects on both the mind and body.

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Is It OK to Live Addicted to Schedule II Substances?

The addiction/abuse vicious cycle ADHD medications may trigger has destroyed many lives. This has been observed by the DEA and INCB long before the pharmaceutical industry started marketing ADHD drugs in a misleading manner.

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This book contains information for parents, physicians and everyone else who needs to make well-informed decisions

Child being given ADHD drugs
Child being given ADHD drugs

Almost all ADHD medications are addictive stimulants classified by the DEA under Schedule II due to their abuse potential. The long-term studies showing the progressive damages these drugs cause have deliberately not been published for decades, while the drugs’ short-term benefits have been aggressively promoted in a misleading manner to increase drug sales. But in more recent years, a number of significant long-term studies have finally found their way into publication. These long-term findings show that the supposed “benefits” from ADHD drugs may be observed for at most two years, after which the accumulated damages can’t be ignored. Among these accumulated damages are the very undesired conditions that ADHD medications seem to improve in the short-term.

The undesired conditions exacerbated by the long-term use of ADHD medications include weakened cognition and learning ability, aggression, lack of motivation, and diminished ability to feel pleasure from anything including the drugs themselves as tolerance builds up. These are just some of the adverse effects which cause users to feel increasingly dependent on these drugs to feel better in the short-term, which may lead to addiction and overdosing. Other adverse effects of ADHD medications include vascular disease, high blood pressure and reduced circulation including 23-30% reduced cerebral blood circulation – all of which are caused by the prolonged emergency stress response the drugs create to induce alertness. Vascular problems caused by ADHD medications can result in sudden death as the FDA warns in boxed warnings on drug labels. The use of ADHD drugs has also been associated with a near 3-fold increase in developing Parkinson’s disease, as well as psychiatric disorders such as mania and psychosis.

Every statement in this book is verifiable by credible electronic references which allow instant fact-checking. This provides immediate access to the actual long-term studies and allows readers to verify the drug industry’s fraudulent marketing tactics which include aggressively funding junk-science, disseminating false information, burying the unfavorable research findings and adverse reactions, or unethically lobbying government officials. Both the current versions and saved copies of the electronic references have been provided, to prevent information loss and to prevent the accused parties from obliterating their efforts to mislead or defraud. If your e-reader takes too long to open files or cannot open the pdf files in this bibliography, you may want to view the reference list with your pc or phone at



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